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Hello there! I’m an accomplished AI expert dedicated to building conscientious intelligent systems that uplift society. I offer thoughtful perspectives on AI breakthroughs and emerging research – exploring technological change, business impacts, and real-world societal implications.

About Me

Welcome to my corner of the web!I’m Dr. Jean-Leah, an AI trailblazer driven by a profound ‘why’: to harness the potential of artificial intelligence and innovation for the betterment of humanity. Born in Kenya, my homeland’s vibrant culture instilled in me a profound commitment to positive change that propels my pioneering work at the intersection of artificial intelligence with other realms of science, technology, and engineering -spearheading AI applications for business and social impact. I earned a PhD in Computational Material Science from Texas A&M, and a Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering from Prairie View A&M. My academic training delved into cross-disciplinary frontiers like quantum physics, nanotechnology and AI applications. With a professional trajectory spanning leadership roles in diverse industries- manufacturing, retail, information technology, and technology commercialization. I’ve actively shaped AI strategy, built proficient teams, and enhanced AI capabilities. This experience has enriched my understanding of how innovative AI technologies can be effectively translated into real-world applications and commercial ventures. This journey, alongside academia, has reinforced my commitment to steering AI deployment ethically and responsibly.

I believe emerging technologies present unprecedented opportunities, but their immense power warrants careful steering. Here, we’ll have thoughtful dialogue on directing AI progress guided by conscience – not just capabilities. Karibu (Welcome)! Please explore, discuss, ask hard questions – and join me in guiding this power for good. 

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| January 17, 2024

A snapshot of the Current AI Landscape

Artificial Intelligence has permeated our lives, both on a personal and professional level, with increasing ubiquity. It's often referred to as "the new electricity," a revolutionary technology that has the potential to transform everything it touches. With this in mind, it's important to recognize that AI is not just a buzzword or a fleeting trend but a force that is reshaping the way we live, work, and engage with the world around us. Read More...

| January 12, 2024

Deep Tech’s Role in Shaping the Future

In a world advancing rapidly in technology, deep technology, also known as "deep tech" stands out as pioneering innovation. But what does deep tech mean? Deep technologies have foundations in major scientific breakthroughs or engineering developments. Unlike consumer apps and incremental software updates Read More...

| January 12, 2024

How Social Technologies Are Building Digital Societies

In 2023, 58% of the global population has integrated social media into everyday life. Users spend an average 2.3 hours daily interacting for information, advocacy, dating, creative expression and community engagement through pocket portals. Platforms like Meta and TikTok now mediate integral activities from work meetings to political mobilization for billions in real-time. Read More...

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